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framing, please e-mail us at
Framing by GR evolved out of the need for my photography and lately with my
partners cross-stitch from being relegated to the wardrobe or a cupboard.
I started my framing many years ago while an active member of a photographic club, and
prints for competition looked better if they were presented in a mount. I used local suppliers then and
I still use local suppliers now.
With technology in engineering improving, so have the tools I use.
Having enjoyed art and design and working with wood, making my own frames came next,
having the right equipment helps enormously, so putting the two together
makes framing by GR and companion company photography by GR.
At framing by GR the customer always comes first.
You can see some of my photographic work at


Our commitment:
At framing by GR, you receive quality and service.
We are always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new
opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with
framing by GR, you will enjoy a personal service.
We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to
meet your unique needs and challenges. Not only do we want to supply your
framing requirements, but we want you to be confident to tell your friends to use our services too.
So at framing by GR, our highest priority is satisfied customers.
You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business.
Superior customer service is the hallmark of framing by GR.
In contracting ourselves to framing your art, photos or memorabilia,
we aim to provide a professional and courteous service.