Welcome to the framing by GR web site.
This site will be updated often so please browse now, put us in your favourites and revisit regularly.
framing by GR is a local independent framing company specialising in
photography and cross-stitch but with the skills to frame other memorabilia too.
So look out that signed CD, football shirt, tea towel,
medals or even a favourite picture you would like reframed and contact us.
The Mat Board we use is produced to an alkaline or neutral ph specification and most
have a pure white core, although black is available, depending on the finish required.
We can obtain a selection of mouldings from classic style to contemporary within a couple of days,
this ensures that we do not offer you a moulding that would not enhance your picture.
Have a look at the mouldings section, although only a few are shown at the moment,
more will be added soon.
We prefer normal glass to the non reflective but the choice is yours.
The work space may look small and uninviting, but that does not detract from the skill and
diligence of the person carrying out your work.
The picture on the right shows the latest addition to the workshop and the home visit
sample cases to hold my Moulding Chevrons and Mat Board samples.
The new M3 Underpinner will make joining the frame sides together much easier.