Welcome to my site.
I suppose I have to give the credit to my father for getting me into photography.
He started me off with the good old Kodak Brownie, which was soon elevated to a Kodak 44A !
I still have the 'cloud' filters I bought for it and the photos!
I really started seriously with the Russian Cameras; the Lubital TLR and the Zenit SLR.
Migrating when money allowed to Nikons. I still have the early F4.
I inherited Dad's Miranda Outfit (Bought originally from Dixons) and still have them and
all the original Soligor lenses he owned and those I acquired later.
A photo of the kit is shown on the Home page.

I use to 'roll' my own black and white film, develop and print it by commandeering the bathroom.
I stopped though at one big change in my domestic life only to take it up again some years later
still doing all my own developing and printing
Eventually I decided to enroll in a few City and Guild courses at Watford College and was good enough
to enter 4 modules, Portraits, Photographing Buildings, Landscape and Printing Black and White,
respectively I got Distinction on the first 2 and Credits on the last ones.
Once I obtained these results I then joined the Royal Photographic Society and
gained a Licentiate honour, but haven't as yet taken it any further.


Eventually buying a Bronica ETRS as it came with a Polariod back so I could
photograph custom-made firearms built by a friend for his adverts, and using a 35mm camera didn't help in 'seeing' the lighting.
I traded the ETRS in for a Bronica SQA system while 'doing my stint' as a Wedding Photographer,
where I honed more skills thanks to a friend called HOSS, a very good photographer. 

With all this developing and printing I took out a secondary mortgage and had an extension built on to the back of
the house, it even had a toilet, so I didn't have to 'go outside'!

This though was converted at a later date when I moved from film cameras to Digital. 

I became resident photographer for 2 Blues Clubs that put on concerts at the Stalbans Maltings Theatre photographing the artists,
Basically I will photograph anything, provided it is legal, of course photographing nature at the reserves which my partner and I go to.
With the gig photography, I have to thank Bob Ayres of Shades of Blues,
who I noticed one evening taking pictures of the artistes on stage,
I offered my services and the rest is, well this web site!
I also have to thank Bob for 'persuading' me to purchase my latest camera,
a Nikon D700, although he doesn't know it! 

I followed that up with purchasing a Nikon D300 to use the DX factor to 'make' lenses longer, a Nikon D800 soon
entered my stable of cameras, this is a 36mpx camera and even in DX mode was still 16mpx, so better than the D300.
But the AA Filters in the D800 were a bit much so the D300 and the D800 were traded in for the newer D810, a
superb camera so now the D700 is really a 'back-up' camera, but still gives great photos provided you fill the frame with the subject.

With all this photography I now need to show it off on the walls at home so I took up another venture,
consequently a companion company and site was created. www.framingbygr.co.uk

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