I befriended Bob Ayre who ran Shades of Blues
at The Maltings Art Theatre in St Albans,
and got to most of his shows, where I was considered ‘Resident Photographer’
and it was there I took most of my ‘gig’ photographs.
Bob has since given up to concentrate on his Band, aptly named Dr Shades.

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The photographs are a mixture of colour and monochrome which lends added atmosphere to the shot.

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Daniel Smith Kris Dollimore Dave Bristow Dana Gillespie Delta Echoes Dr Shades Lisa Mills Michael Messer Bob Brozman Ian Siegal Guy Tortora Ian Parker Matt Schofield Fat Walters Errol Linton Ben Poole Dani Wilde
BUT! Mick and Jeff stepped in and The Little Walters Blues Club
came into being. The same venue and monthly.
It's a shame, but Little Walter's Blues Club only put on 5 concerts, with 6 artistes/bands.
but what concerts!
The Stumble Ian Siegal Matt Schofield Lillian Boutte Denny Illett Kyla Brox
Mick from Little Walters Blues Club asked me to photograph a Charity Concert in aid of Road Peace
Concert For Carrie
Roadpeace Finale
The Twice Luton Gospel Quintet Amber Kimberley Sam Kelly Station House