Welcome to my site.
The pages are updated a few times a year.
So please come in and browse my photographs
All photographs copyright of Graham Reader (photographybygr)

My Mother and Father bought me my first camera many years ago,
more years than I wish to remember, I started off with a Kodak Brownie then got 'upgraded' on another
Christmas or birthday to a Kodak 44A
although I no longer have the camera I still have some of the push-on filters for it.

I graduated from that to a Lubitol II Twin Lens Reflex camera and a Zenit EM 35mm SLR camera,
then on the death of my Father I inherited
his collection of Miranda SLR cameras and Soligor lens including accessories.
to which I added a couple of medium length telephoto lenses.
I used these well into the 1980's, right up till I purchased
some used Nikon bodies and lens, and the T4 adapter for the Soligor lens.

So I started to buy some used Nikon cameras, FM2, FA and finally an F4 along
with a number of lenses, my favourite lens was a 20mm f/3.5 wide angle lens.

I photograph anything that interests me, whether it be family or friends, landscapes or architecture,
birds or insects, flowers or macro, I will photograph it.
I even for about 8 years did my time as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

I have 17 Folders with about 60 sheets each containing a film's worth of pictures
plus 5 folders containing approximately 100 DVD/CDs of digital images in each
that is not counting the NAS server I have with many more stored on.

Some current Techno Information.

After the film cameras I started on the digital path with a CANON!
I wanted a small camera that had a flash shoe, would take RAW files and
had aperture and speed controls like the old SLRs, so got a Canon Powershot G5,
this is a 5mpx camera that was brilliant for it's day. I then went on to purchase
no, not a Canon DSLR, I thought about it but decided the
Nikon D70 felt better in my hand so bought camera and zoom lens kit which
I have had to sell as my kit grew.
this combination was used for the early gig photos and some nature ones.

Then I upgraded to the Nikon D700, this gave me better low light shots
and for the bird photographs I originally purchased a Sigma 150-500mm Lens,
but traded it in for a Nikkor 80-400mm f4.5-5.6D ED VR lens.
which on the Nikon D300 I purchased gave me 225-560 because of the CCD crop factor.

I kept these while waiting for a larger mpx pro-camera to come out, rumoured to be a D400.
this never materialised but the D800 did; a medium format sensor on a 35mm body!

I also purchased a 28-300mm AF-S Nikor lens as a 'general use' lens, which is a great
shorter lens to take around if I don't want to carry the 80-400mm.

So my preferred kit currently is D800 with 80-400mm, D700 with the 28-300mm swapped
with the Micro Nikkor 105mm for really close stuff.

This last couple of years I have been on two Andy Rouse Owl Days at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey,
very informative, I learnt a lot from Andy.
Check out his site and go on one of his days I don't think you will regret it,
well perhaps only that the day seems to be over too quickly!

Lately I purchased a AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED wide angle lens.
this is a super lens ideal in tight spaces when you want to get a lot in,
or for just wide views. I have also purchased a AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4
only used at the moment around the garden for frame-filling shots of the smaller birds. 

The camera body count has deminished as has the lens count slightly.
I traded in the D800, D300 and the 80-400mm f4.5-5.6D ED VR which was upgraded to the later 80-400mm
I finally bought the D810, which is a super camera and without the filters over the CCD.


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